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All of our technical info can be found below
Ground Plan
Download our venue ground plan from here: Burdall's Ground Plan

Location, staffing, parking
Burdall’s Yard is on a very busy road and close to an intersection.  Parking in the surrounding streets is limited and in some streets is permit-controlled.  Morrisons Supermarket gives two-hour parking with no return and there is a nearby shoppers car-park which also offers a two-hour slot. 
Get-in and out
There is access for a vehicle at the front of the building, but vehicles cannot remain in the yard, so after unloading, alternative parking must be found.  The yard is reached via an archway which measures:  2.4m (8ft) Wide and 2.4m (8ft) High (2.9m 9”5’ft to peak of arch) 
Not recommended for any vehicles higher than 2.5m
It is an offence to reverse out onto the highway, so drivers should endeavour to reverse in. 
Spaces: including dimensions and capacity
There are three possible performance spaces plus a bar.
The dimensions and capacity are as follows:
The Cavern (main performance room, with stage)
Capacity: 84 seated, 168 if standing or a combination of both.
The stage dimensions are listed in the Technical Section below
The Brewer’s Room (with performance area)
Capacity: 40 Seated, 80 Standing
Dimensions: 5m x 10m (allowing 2m x 5m performance area)
The Brewer’s Room (with NO performance area)
Capacity: 50 Seated, 100 Standing
Dimensions: 5m x 10m
The Long Room (with performance area)
Capacity: 32 Seated, 64 Standing
Dimensions: 4m x 8m (with a 2m x 4m performance area)
The Long Room (with NO performance area)
Capacity: 40 Seated, 80 Standing
Dimensions: 4m x 8m (with a 2m x 4m performance area)
The Bar (with performance area)
Capacity: 50 Seated, 10 Standing
Dimensions: 9m x 5m + 3m x 5m - owing to L-Shaped bar (with a 2m x 5m performance area)
The Bar (with NO performance area)
Capacity: 60 Seated, 120 Standing
Dimensions: 9m x 5m + 3m x 5m - owing to L-Shaped bar
The Maximum Overall Capacity of the venue is 600 people and this cannot be exceeded.
Technical Info
Lighting Desk: 088 Jester ML 48 with moving light facility, situated in the FoH operating position. This can be moved to DSR area of the stage.
Dimming and Power:


Overhead Onstage
Outputs for 12 channels of dimming.
2 x DMX Outputs.
4 x 2 way 13 Amp outlets.
2 x 16 Amp outlets.
Upstage behind panel:
6 channels of dimming
4 x 2 way 13 Amp outlets 
2 x 6 way 13 Amp power outlets
DMX buffer with 4 x spare outlets to side of stage
Overhead in auditorium:
6 channels of dimming
There is a permanent warm wash (3 x Fresnels and 1 x Profile) on Dimmers 1 and 3.
There is a FoH wash (4 x Parcan House Lights) on Dimmers 4 and 6.
O/H Onstage:
4 x LED Pars each side
8 x Parcans to give general stage cover.
5 x floods kept in Tech Store.
Other lanterns may be available to hire subject to a planning meeting with the Technical Manager
Dimmers are on the rear wall of the dressing room
Working Lights are operated by the Dipole switches (numbered 1 - 3) next to Dimmers in Dressing Room.

The safe working load of the lighting bars is 11kg per metre. This must not be exceeded.


On Stage:
1 x Mackie 820 - VLZ Sound Mixer with 5 channels and an iPod mini jack to mini jack flying lead.
1 x Patch Bay with O/S and FoH sound patching. Powered by the breaker on wall next to it.
24 way stage Box patch with 5 x returns to FoH Sound Desk.
O/S SM 58 and stand patched to O/S Mackie mixer.
2 x Flown JBL PRX 615M powered Speakers.
2 x Mackie SWA1801 18” Subs under stage.
FoH Operating Booth:
1 x Soundcraft MH2 24 channel desk with 4 stereo channels, 8 x VCAs, 10 Auxs, 4 matrices, 8 sub groups, and LR and C.
3 x Drawmer Dual Auto Compressor DL241s.
3 x Drawmer Powergate DS 501s.
3 x DBX 231 stereo Graphic Equalisers.
1 x Tascam CD 160 Mk2 CD player.
1 x Lexicon MX400 XL Dual Stereo Reverb/Surround FX Processor.
TC Electronic M-1 XL Dual FX Signal Processor.
The Cavern has a permanent stage, painted black.
It measures: roughly 5 metres wide and 5 metre deep
70 cms from venue floor to top of stage
With steps DSR and USL.
There is acoustic padding to the ceiling above the stage. Ceiling height is: 3 metres at highest point.
1 x Sanyo WXGA Fixed data projector with speakers and VGA connector on opposite wall.
2 x 2 way 13 amp power outlets.
Burdall’s Yard is licensed for the sale of alcohol and for public entertainment.  However ALL EVENTS MUST END AT 11.00PM.  There can be no exceptions to this.
Health & Safety
There are a number of evacuation routes, including ones for disabled patrons. You will be shown these routes when you arrive at the venue, and you must not do anything in your preparation or performance which in any way impinges on the routes or operations during an emergency.
First Aid
We do not guarantee to have a First Aider present during the day, but one will be available during performance hours.
Use of pyros, strobes, smoke, haze
Use of any of the above is rarely permitted and only after detailed discussion with the Technical Director, Bryan Wallbridge, and the Events Manager, Suzanne Harris.  If you feel your performance will require these effects, please raise this question as early as possible in the booking process.
Dressing Room
There is a small heated dressing room with shower and wc.  This room is lockable from the stage and from the adjacent Long Room.  Overspill storage for a performance can be provided in the Long Room, though this room cannot be locked.  There is no access to laundry facilities.
There is no paging or show relay at Burdall’s Yard.  The bar has a wifi connection.  Due to the nature of the building, mobile signals are not good.
There is a fully-equipped kitchen, though for visiting company use of the kettle, microwave and fridge are all that are generally permitted, by prior agreement with Burdall’s Yard staff.

PRS / Charges
PRS and other licensing charges will be levied to users of the building, as will a security deposit against damage or loss.

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