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The Shadow
Presented by
Company Chameleon

Saturday 30th November 2019, 8.00pm
University Theatre, Newton Park Campus
Full Price £12 | Conc £10 | BSU Students £6
About the Show

The Shadow looks at hidden parts of the unconscious mind – repressed tendencies that are unevolved, primitive, inferior or awkward, and the bits of people we don’t normally see, that we are either unaware of, or are hidden from view.
Everyone has public and private personas.  We all put our best face forward – take two minutes to browse around Instagram and you’ll see plenty of inflated lifestyles and illusions of perfection. People don’t generally share the stuff they aren’t proud of, nor do they share comments and opinions which might not be liked or well received.

It’s said that we all have three faces: our public face; the face that we show to our friends and family; and the face that nobody sees. It’s the latter that is our truest likeness, and this is what the piece explores.
Civilized society has developed structures, laws and conventions which, perhaps for the path of least resistance, or just to fit in, we subscribe to.
This inevitably means there’s a whole lot that bounces around inside your head that has no place. We’re conditioned in a way that most people are wholly unaware of what these things are – only getting a glimmer when words, emotions or actions burst forth and catch you off guard. Things find their way out in one way or another. The things that we project onto others are often really about ourselves.

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