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The White Lions: How Western Science and Sacred Science Converge to Save Species
Monday 17th June 2019; 18:30-21:30
Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution
RCEH Public Lecture
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In the midst of a global lion crisis that treats Africa’s most sacred animals as a killing commodity in cross-border trade, Linda Tucker and her partner specialist lion ecologist, Jason A. Turner, have dedicated their lives to finding  the solution.

Today, every conservation issue is a global issue. If Brazil destroys its rain forests, the world has lost its lungs. If South Africa destroys its White Lions, the world has lost its heart.

While every crisis is interrelated, so are the solutions.

Over three decades, the work of the Global White Lion Protection Trust has united ancient indigenous knowledge with western science to help save the species, reviving ecosystems and human value systems  in a leadership model of sustainable living with mutual benefits for Lions, Land and People.

The importance of the White Lions’ re-occurrence on the brink of the polar reversal and climate change has been linked to the appearance of other prophetic “spirit animals” on all continents, including the White Buffalo and the Spirit Bear of British Columbia. Thus, the work of Global White Lion Protection Trust has brought together indigenous elders and leading scientific authorities in the heart of White Lion territories, to unify strategies and outcomes.

Founder of the Linda Tucker Foundation and Global White Lion Protection Trust, Linda and her partner Jason A.Turner have successfully rewilded the White Lions, securing vast protected heritage lands in the heart of their ancestral territories.  Her pioneering initiatives also include the establishment of the Academy for LionHearted Leadership™, and the StarLion eco-educational program in nine different centres, for emerging youth leadership.

6.30pm - Reception
7.00pm - Lecture
7.45pm - Break for book signing & refreshments
8.15pm - Lecture
9.00pm - Q & A session
9.30pm - Event ends

For any questions, please email a.vanpoeteren@bathspa.ac.uk

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