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Reading the Data - a public seminar

Thursday 14 December, 2:00pm - 4:00pm
The Barn, Corsham Court
Free | Booking required
About the seminar
There is more data being produced concerning writing, publishing, and reading today than ever before. From sales data to online reader feedback to the information technology networks that make this data collection possible, it begins to become possible to understand and direct trends in publishing better than ever before based on the vast movement of data about reading habits today. This flood of data concerning the nature of literature today has huge implications for the future of publishing and the life of the mind. Bringing together a diverse set of speakers, this seminar addresses the ways data comes to link the production and consumption of literature in new and often unexpected ways, changing how we think about the status of reading in contemporary culture today.

Professor Claire Squires is the Director of the Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication at the University of Stirling, Scotland. Her publications include Marketing Literature: The Making of Contemporary Writing in Britain (2007) and, with Padmini Ray Murray, 'The Digital Publishing Communications Circuit' (2013). She is one of the volume editors for the forthcoming Cambridge History of the Book in Britain: Volume 7 The Twentieth Century and Beyond. She is a past judge for the Saltire Society Literary Awards and a current judge for the Publisher of the Year Award, and a recipient of a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award 2015. She tweets from @stirpublishing and @clairesquires. Her talk is based on a recently published article in Critical Quarterly.

Dr Søren Bro Pold (Aarhus University) has published on digital and media aesthetics – from the 19th century panorama to the interface in its different forms, e.g. on electronic literature, net art, software art, creative software, urban and mobile interfaces, activism, surveillance culture and digital culture. His main research field is interface criticism which discusses the role and the development of the interface for art, literature, aesthetics, culture and IT. Together with Christian Ulrik Andersen he edited the anthology "Interface Criticism" (2011) and will publish “The Metainterface – The Art of Platforms, Cities and Clouds” on MIT-Press in 2018

Dan Franklin (Pottermore) is currently senior commissioning editor at Pottermore. He is a digital publishing professional with over thirteen years’ experience in the book industry, working in an editorial, marketing and digital capacity, for a medium-sized independent − Canongate Books − to the biggest publisher in the world, Penguin Random House. For nine years he has been at the forefront of digital publishing, whether it be customer-facing, author-facing and working with creative teams of all kinds – commissioning, strategising, producing, editing, marketing, publicising and project managing.

Hosted by the Ambient Literature Project, the Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries, and Making Books Research Centre.

Ambient Literature
The Ambient Literature research project is an AHRC funded multi-university partnership designed to study and implement new kinds of literary experiences. Building on previous work in areas such as pervasive media, locative literature, ubiquitous computing, and electronic literature, ambient literature looks to expand the experience of reading beyond just the written word on the page. Taking advantage of contemporary advancements and trends in computing (smartphones, GPS, sensors, global networks, etc.), ambient literature aims to link the context and situation of the reader (variously considered) to literary works. It looks to define and implement a vision of what reading and writing can look like in an increasing technological and interconnected world.

Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries
The Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries at Bath Spa University is dedicated to expanding the horizons of the university and facilitating dynamic pathways for knowledge transfer between the worlds of academia and industry. Building from Bath Spa’s excellence in practice based and creative research, the centre focuses on fostering a community of innovators whose research is able to reach out and engage with a variety of industries and commercial sectors. The centre serves as a link between research, creative practice, and industrial application.

Making Books Research Centre
The Making Books Research Centre at Bath Spa University brings together scholars, creative practitioners, and cultural professionals to explore the book as a created artefact and an object of study. The centre is interested in the diverse forms that books can take, the people who make them, the act of making itself, and the places in which books are created, made, disseminated, and accessed. It is interested in readers and reading practices, in print and digital culture, in technology and remediation, in book design and the book arts, in issues of access and preservation, and in the broader intellectual, cultural, social, economic, legal, and political frameworks that shape the world of the book. Bringing together a diversity of perspectives including book history and bibliography; typography, design and the book arts; theories of creative practice; the digital humanities; contemporary publishing practices, the centre explores the book’s past, present, and future.

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